Lime Class

1st March - Maths

Spelling Monday 1st March

Chapter 6

Maths - Friday 26th Feb

English - Friday 26th Feb

Science - Friday 26th February

Chapter 5

English - Thursday 25th Feb

Maths - Thursday 25th Feb

Science - 25th Feb

Chapter 4

Science Wednesday 24th Feb

Maths Wednesday 24th Feb

English Wednesday 24th Feb

Chapter 3

Maths Tuesday 23rd Feb

English Tuesday 23rd Feb

Science Tuesday 23rd

Chapter 2

Welcome back!

Maths Monday 22nd Feb

Spelling Monday 22nd Feb

Science Monday 22nd Feb

Chapter 1

Y4 Maths - Friday 12th Feb

Y5 Maths - Friday 12th Feb

The final chapters!

Y4 Maths - Thursday 11th Feb

Y5 Maths - Thursday 11th Feb

Chapter 19

English - Thursday 11th Feb

English - Wednesday 10th Feb

Y5 Maths - Wednesday 10th Feb

Y4 Maths - Wednesday 10th Feb

Chapter 18

Y4 Maths - Tuesday 9th Feb

Y5 Maths - Tuesday 9th Feb

English - Tuesday 9th

Chapter 17

Y4 Maths - Monday 8th Feb

Y5 Maths - Monday 8th Feb

Spelling - Monday 8th Feb

Science - Monday 8th Feb

Chapter 16

Y4 Maths - Friday 5th Feb

Y5 Maths - Friday 5th Feb

English - Friday 5th Feb

Chapter 15

Y4 Maths - Thursday 4th Feb

Y5 Maths - Thursday 4th Feb

English - Thursday 4th Feb

Chapter 14

Y4 Maths - Wednesday 3rd

Y5 Maths - Wednesday 3rd

English - Wednesday 3rd

Chapter 13

Y4 Maths - Tuesday 2nd

Y5 Maths - Tuesday 2nd

English - Tuesday 2nd

Science - Tuesday 2nd

Y4 Maths - Monday 1st Feb

Y5 Maths - Monday 1st Feb

Spelling - Monday 1st Feb

Science - Monday 1st Feb

Y4 Maths - Friday 29th Jan

Y5 Maths - Friday 29th Jan

English - Friday 29th Jan

Y5 Maths - Thursday 28th Jan

Y4 Maths - Thursday 28th Jan

English - Thursday 29th

Science - Thursday 28th January

Y4 maths - Wednesday 27th

English - Wednesday 27th

Y5 maths - Wednesday 27th

English - Tuesday 26th

Y4 maths - Tuesday 26th

Y5 maths - Tuesday 26th

Y4 Maths - Mon 25th

Y5 Maths - Mon 25th Jan

Spelling - Mon 25th Jan

English- Friday 22nd

Y4 Maths - Friday 22nd

Y5 Maths - Friday 22nd

Maths Y4 - Thursday 21st

Maths Y5 - Thursday 21st

English Thursday 21st

French Thursday 21st

Y4 Maths - Weds 20th

Y5 Maths - Weds 20th

English - Weds 20th

Y4 Maths-Tuesday 19th

Y5 Maths-Tuesday 19th

English - Tuesday 19th

Y5 Maths - Monday 18th Jan

Y4 Maths - Monday 18th Jan

Science - Monday 18th Jan

Maths - Friday 15th Y5

English - Friday 15th

Thursday 14th - Maths

English - Thursday 14th

French - Thursday 14th

Rounding recap - Wednesday 13th

English Day 2 video

Prologue -12.01.21

Science lesson 11th Jan

Roman numerals recap - 08.01.21

Roman numerals

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